Mycorrhizal 950g.

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Tumdin Mycorrhizal is a mycorrhizal inoculum powder consisting of 2 scientifically formulated species of endomycorrhizal fungi propagules (Glomus sp., and Acaulospora sp.).

They've been helping plants grow for millions of years! Mycorrhizal fungi are tiny, harmless critters that attach themselves to plant roots and actually help plants to make use of water and organic nutrients in the soil. They live on the roots of roughly 95% of all earth's plant species.

Mycorrhizal fungi come into direct contact with plant roots and with the soil, adding to the plants ability to gather nutrients and water from the soil through the fungus. In exchange, the plant feeds the fungus sugars it produces during photosynthesis. Thus, the relationship is beneficial to both.

Application Rates:

1. Prepare the soil, mix 2-3 tsp./5 kg. of soil.
2. For planting, apply 1 tsp. to the root zone when seeding or transplant.

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